Ziqi Compressor Energy Conservation Replacement

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    Renovate the customer’s old air compressor system and replace the "old machine" with "energy-saving products". After verifying the effect with "free trial", the two parties reached a deal.

    There are generally three ways of trading:

    1. Contract energy management: that is, to compensate for the cost of renovation by sharing the "electricity fee".

    2. Selling compressed air: The seller invests in air compressor station equipment, is responsible for maintenance, and charges according to the flow.

    3. Buyout: The customer directly pays for the renovation cost and enjoys exclusive energy-saving benefits.


    Energy conservation and emission reduction is the trend of The Times. The number of customers with energy conservation needs is huge, amounting to hundreds of billions!



    In 2015, Ziqi Compressor launched: professional and mature, easy to operate, batch copy, easy to promote energy-saving replacement


    1.Systematic training;

    2.Provide professional energy-saving assessment tools and technical support;

    3.Data analysis, program design, on-site technical support;

    4.There is a standard process and operation mode, strong operability, and can be used after simple training;

    5.Abundant energy-saving products, many choices and large energy-saving space;

    6.37-90KW, large amount, low amount, low risk, high success rate, buyout can be adopted. Low capital pressure, easier to promote;

    7.>90kW; small quantity, high amount, high risk, high technical requirements, strong customer brand awareness. Ziqi Compressor undertakes the preliminary work and the later performance of the contract, and both parties share the benefits.

    We are more concerned about "Compressed Air System"


    There are two basic elements


    It must be accurate and complete

    The best matching scheme


    The optimum loading rate, the optimum speed and frequency, the optimum pressure

     Air compressor replacement-a Shanghai auto parts company (south plant)

    Compressor technical parameters before renovation:


    Technical Transformation of Air Compressor for High Efficiency:

    Choose three GAT-110ACF and GAT-110ACFV, one inverter control cabinet LK-110/4, to replace the existing air compressor, GAT-110ACF is a two-stage compression, IE4 motor, the frequency conversion combined control system is conducive to the stability of product quality It is more energy-efficient.

    During the two-day period from January 6, 2021 to January 8, 2021, the total electricity consumption is 19,964 KW.h, the total gas consumption is 231048 Nm³ (standard), and the overall energy efficiency is 0.0864 KW.h/Nm³ (86.4 KW.h/KNm³: 86.4 kWh of electricity produces 1000 standard cubic meters of gas)

      According to the agreement, the energy efficiency before the transformation is 0.133 KW.h/Nm³, and the overall energy efficiency after the transformation is 0.0466 less than before the transformation. The power saving is as follows:

    (0.133-0.0864)×231048÷2×30 days×0.74 yuan=119511.8 yuan

    During the benefit sharing period, Ziqi Compressor will receive 70% of energy saving benefits each month as follows:

    (0.133-0.0864) × 231048÷2 × 30 days × 0.74 yuan × 70% = 83658.3 yuan

    After the renovation of the project is completed, the energy saving will be about 1.938 million kWh/year.

    image.png  image.png  image.png

    Frequency Conversion Control Cabinet

      The combined control cabinet is a variable frequency linkage device designed for air compressors. According to the pressure of the pipe network, it can realize the frequency conversion, constant pressure, and linkage control of the unit. The combined control cabinet can realize any unit and only one frequency conversion, and the equipment stops. After that, you can freely switch the frequency conversion.

        The combined control cabinet has local and remote control functions, and each unit operates independently in the local mode.

        In remote mode and remote mode operation, the pressure of the pipe network is lower than the set value of the combined control cabinet, and the variable frequency control unit accelerates operation. When the maximum frequency has not reached the set value, the combined control cabinet will delay the start of the next unit , On the contrary, if the pipe network pressure is higher than the set value of the combined control cabinet, the variable frequency control unit will run at a reduced speed. When the minimum frequency is higher than the set value, the combined control cabinet will delay the next unit.

    image.png  image.png

    image.png  image.png

    Full-performance super pipelines are used on site, the system can bring high-efficiency, high-quality, and completely reliable compressed air under the most suitable pressure, with the lowest cost and beautiful appearance, and can be flexibly applied to various occasions and surroundings.

    Super pipeline has large air volume and low energy consumption

    The component-oriented design reduces energy consumption. The smooth inner surface and low resistance conveying pressure drop are not affected by the time of use. The precise pipeline diameter prevents pressure drop from reducing diameter. The leak-proof design and application ensure the air volume. The full-diameter design of the components Reduce pressure drop, deliver more air and consume less power.

    Super Pipe

    image.png 1613715794183555.png image.png

    image.png image.png image.png

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